Osprey 7’6 Funboard – Epoxy


The Osprey Hearts 7’6” Epoxy Mal Surfboard is the perfect board for progressing your surfing once you’ve mastered the basics on a foamie.

A minimal surfboard is a traditional Malibu longboard shape, but with a shorter length that allows better manoeuvrability. This makes a Mini Mal the perfect surfboard for all surfing levels, from beginner to advanced, as it has plenty of float for easier balance and catching small summer waves, while still being able to perform turns and tricks. A minimal surfboard offers great value as it is the perfect length to suit for all the family, large and little, as they progress through their surfing. Even when you’re ready to start surfing with a performance shortboard, you’ll be pleased to still have your minimal for those small, weak waves in summer.

The Osprey Hearts Mal has many features that make it easy to surf. The curved mid rail design means there’s enough thickness to keep float, but still enough of an edge to carry out some carves and manoeuvres as you progress. The rounded squash tail has a reasonably narrow shape, making rail to rail turns much easier, while the rounded shape still keeps enough of the tail width to give lots of float at the back to aid your paddling.

The Osprey Hearts 7’6” mal is made of epoxy, a strong and durable surfboard material which is tougher than traditional fibreglass surfboards – perfect for novice surfers that may be a little rougher with their surfboard as they learn how to handle it.

This Osprey Epoxy 7ft6 Minimal Surfboard comes as a thruster 3 fin set-up, with fins included.

SIZE :7’6” x 22” x 3”


  • Strong & durable epoxy construction – tougher than traditional fibreglass, perfect for novice surfers
  • EPS foam core for excellent buoyancy and shock absorption


  • Wide: Minimal surfboard shape gives great stability and float
  • Short: A minimal combines the large volume of a longboard, but at a shorter length which makes the surfboard stable for learning, but easier to manoeuvre
  • Round TailA rounded squash tail gives good manoeuvrability
  • Rails: Curved mid rails allow good hold on the wave when trimming and turning, without sacrificing buoyancy
  • Rocker: Low rocker makes catching smaller and weaker waves easier
  • Bottom Contours: Single concave bottom directs water flow for better drive
  • Fins: Three fin, thruster set up for greater control, drive, and stability