FCS fins – K-3 – Thruster set

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Kelly says, “The FCS K3 Fins fins are perfect for down the line walls and long turns. I actually started using the FCS K3 fins 3 years ago when I needed a better fin for the long walled waves at Rincon. Now I’ve been on the FCS K3 Fins for over three years. They have been my magic set. I originally designed the K2.1 with beach breaks and barrels in mind, and I still use them in these sorts of conditions. With the FCS K3 and K2.1 Fins you should be set for pretty much any sort of waves you find.” – Kelly Slater

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FCS fins – K-3 – Thruster set Total Fins: 3 Fin / Tri Set

FCS K3 Fin Size:

FCS K3 Fins: Side Fin Size:
Side Base: 4.45 in. 113 mm
Side Depth: 4.61 in. 117 mm
Side Area: 15.11 in.² 9750 mm²
Sweep: 34.3°

FCS K3 Fins: Center Fin Size:

Center Base: 4.28 in. 109 mm
Center Depth: 4.41 in. 112 mm
Center Area: 14.22 in.² 9172 mm²
Sweep: 31.0°