RT Surfboard – Verdi model 6’4 – ZGAN


Custom RT Surfboard Verdi model in de maten 6’4 x 19 x 2,35 (30.4 liter volume). Polyester constructie met carbon patches rond de tail. Het board is vrijwel nieuw en heeft minimale gebruikers sporen. Kom anders eens langs in de surfshop, we hebben een uitgebreid assortiment gebruikte – tweedehands surfboards. board komt inclusief tailpad en wax.

The Verdi ‘sister model’, developed for less than good waves.
Featuring some small changes in the rocker line and in the rail profil, with
an increased nose and tail width, this shape is perfectly suited for smaller
conditions when speed generation is key.
Not as bulky and fat as some other small wave shapes, this model is the
perfect weapon for high performance small wave attack.
As for the Verdi, the mix of natural speed and quick rail-to-rail transition will
get the spark out of any small wave sessions.
If you like the Verdi, order the Verdi.s a couple of inch shorter and 1/4 to 1/2
of an inch larger, to get a great performer for undersized waves.
If you surf a spot with everyday conditions less than good, you might consider
getting this version as your everyday board.