ROAM board bags are designed for purpose. We use only premium materials and function led features to ensure maximum usability. We use HD padding, hard wearing fabrics and double stitched seams throughout, plus essential details like ventilation, grab handles and buckle free straps. Plus all our bags are cut longer to fit the board they are labelled for.


All ROAM board bags are tried, tested and approved.



ROAM leashes use only the best components and materials – stainless steel swivels, super durable webbing, neoprene, moulded connectors and high grade urethane cord.

We know the value of a good leash and how much a bad leash can ruin a great surf. All of our leashes are tried, tested and approved.



ROAM traction offers a super compact range, designed to fit all boards and all surf styles. Our 3 models are designed for the full spectrum of surf – from wider boards to narrow performance boards, front foot style or locked in back foot surfing.

All pads use 3M glue and high quality EVA.

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