SeventyOne Percent Zink Stick SPF50+ – White


White Zink STICK

Sun Stick SPF 50+ white is the super-high sun protection stick from SeventyOne for those sensitive areas of your face. The very high protection filters contained in its complete and water-resistant formula act as a barrier against UVA and UVB rays, and active antioxidants and moisturizers protect your skin in all conditions from the wind, salt water and cold when you’re in the ocean or relaxing on the beach. Its white color has been tested and approved by surfers all over the world. Nomadic, compact and conveniently travel friendly, you can tote this transparent stick everywhere from Hossegor to Hawaii. Oh la la! Made in France and tested under dermatological control. Use the invisible stick on your nose, cheekbones and lips and mix with Sun Stick SPF 50+ Transparent on the rest of your face for complete protection.

No nasties: 0% paraben, sulphate, silicone, nanoparticles, phenoxyethanol or alcohol.

How to use it: Simply apply the Sun Stick SPF 50+ White to all the sensitive areas of your face: cheekbones, nose, forehead and even your lips. For best results, re-apply between sessions.

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Key active ingredients:

Shea butter: moisturizes and really nourishes to regenerate and revitalize tissues and restore your skin’s elasticity.

Thanks to antioxidant agents such as vitamin E, the skin is protected against external factors as well as nourished and regenerated. It also protects against climatic aggressions such as the cold, the wind or the salted water.

71% as 70% of the earth is covered by water and 1% of the profits go to Surfrider Foundation.

  • Water resistant and waterproof SPF50
  • Sun protection for skin and lips
  • No paraben and no petrochemicals
  • SPF50 blocks 93% of UVA and UVB rays
  • 20 ml tube, perfect size for travel
  • Provides protection from extreme heat and cold
  • Packaging tube is made with recycled cap and vegetable ink


Seventyone Percent

Sun protection Our range of ultra-protective, creative and environmentally friendly sun and body care products: organic ingredients, mineral filters or SPF 50+, find your SeventyOne Percent brand product. Cream, sun stick or spray version, to each his own sun protection for surfing or for the beach! We cherish the Earth and are committed to protecting it. We respect nature as much as we care for ourselves. We are dedicated to living in balance with our environment. We work hard to offer a range of sun protection products & skin care cosmetics that is in perfect harmony with our code of ethics. Our Mother Earth Approved charter guarantees a strong commitment to environmental and social protection as well as respect for our consumers. Eco-conscious We develop formulations that respect marine ecosystems and protect coral, by limiting sunscreen content, and favouring mineral filters where possible. Our products do not contain nanoparticles, which have a negative impact on the environment, but which are also potentially damaging for our bodies. Similarly, we do not include silicones, paraben, phenoxyethanol and petrolatum in our compositions. We demonstrate total transparency by providing our consumers with detailed composition information for each product. The ingredients are all listed, and we show you the benefits of the key active ingredients so you fully understand what you are putting on your skin. We only use recyclable product packs, including « post-consumer recycled plastic content » PCR tubes, to minimize our environmental impact.


All our cosmetic ranges are tested under dermatological control to avoid the risk of allergy, redness or irritation.

The absence of nanoparticles also guarantees the safety of our sun creams for all users. Nanoparticles can enter the body and cause toxic reactions. They are frequently used in sun creams to make their texture more fluid without leaving white marks on your skin. At SeventyOne, we claim the white mask of clean sunscreens



Typically surfboards are measured in inches. The length is measured from the nose to the tail. Choosing the length of the surfboard is dependant on your size (weight, height), board type and waves conditions you wish to use the board for.


The widest point of the surfboard is measured from rail to rail. Generally the wider the surfboard the more stable the board, while a board with smaller width maintains better speed and performance.


Surfboard thickness is measured from the top deck to the bottom. The thickness again has a bearing on the board’s performance. Professional surfers will tend to go for the thinner boards as they are lighter and offer better performance.The thicker boards are stronger and because there is more foam under the surfer the boards are more stable.


The bottom curve of a surfboard. Generally the more rocker the surfboard has the more loose (manoeuvrable) the surfboard will be. Where the flatter rocker surfboards will be faster, although they will lack the looseness. The nose is the tip of the surfboard, the nose can vary in shapes and size. Basically the thinner the nose the more response the board will perform, while wider noses are better for stabilization.


Used to increase the strength of a surfboard, a stringer (normally made from wood) runs down the length of a surfboards (typically in the centre of the board from the tip of the nose to the tail).
Boards built with Epoxy, Carbon Fibre and soft boards generally don’t have stringers.


Generally heavier surfers require larger fins to hold the waves better. Although if you prefer to ride a looser (less hold in the waves), smaller fins would be a better option.


Fin configurations have an effect on the ways your surfboards perform.
The following are some of the more common fin configurations.


The single fin was the original fin configuration for surfboards. Based on the idea of the sailboat keel. Single fins are added stabilization and control on the powerful, larger waves, although lack manoeuvrability


Are great for small waves, being fast and manoeuvrable, but when put into tight spots on larger waves, they become hard to control. Popular with Fish surfboards.


Widely recognized as the standard fin configuration, the thruster answers the shortcomings of the single fin and the twin fins configurations.
The thrusters give you stabilization, control and manoeuvrability in all types of surfing conditions.
This concept was the brainchild of Australia’s Simon Anderson


With four fins in the water, Quads boasts an extraordinary amount of holding power in larger surf.
You may think that having four fins would sacrifice speed by creating more drag, but this is not the case.
The both sets of fins are working together on the rail, which makers believe they creates less drag than a board with a centre fin.
The manoeuvrability isn’t sacrificed either, with fins directly under your back foot, the quads are very responsive.


Similar setup to the Twin Fin, although smaller (low profile) fins are generally placed wider (closer to the rails) on the surfboard.
Popular with Fish and Egg / Retro surfboards.

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